Cyber Security Course

    By some estimates, over 90% of security breaches can be prevented by simple security awareness. This course is designed for everyday computer users and will help identify and prevent common cyber t... (Read more)

    Networking with Windows Course

    This course focuses on networking features and functionality available in Windows Server 2016, such as DNS, DHCP, and IPAM implementations. We will review remote access solutions, such as VPN and D... (Read more)

    Manager's Role in Developing Talent Course

    This program is part of the New Management Fundamentals Series. The overall goal of this program is to enable managers to learn a practical approach to developing the talent around them -- with an ... (Read more)

    Installation Storage and Compute

    This course is designed to convey the knowledge and skills needed to work with Windows Server 2016. Key administrative responsibilities, such as implementing server images, planning and configuring... (Read more)

    Office 365 Power BI - Beginner Course

    Instructor: Dr. Ryan Jesperson Level: Beginner Subject: Office 365 Duration: 03 Hours 08 Minutes Pre-requisites: Basic computer skills. A general understanding of the Office 365 Suite is he... (Read more)

    Email Etiquette - Beginner Course

    Instructor: Guest Instructor Level: Beginner Subject: Business Skills Duration: 00 Hours 17 Minutes Pre-requisites: None.   Email is an important tool in today's business world. With ... (Read more)