Microsoft Office

    Windows 10 Troubleshooting - Advanced Course

    This course is designed to give users an understanding and the skills to troubleshoot Windows 10. In this course, students will become familiar with the troubleshooting process and available tools,... (Read more)

    Sharepoint 2013 Designer - Intermediate Course

    This course is designed for advanced Microsoft SharePoint site owners and administrators who want to integrate data sources, customize content types, and automate common tasks using workflows. Stud... (Read more)

    Excel 365 VBA - Expert Course

    This course will teach students proper Visual Basic programming techniques along with an understanding of Excel’s object structure. Students will learn how to work with variables, how to use variou... (Read more)

    PowerPoint 365 - Advanced Course

    PowerPoint 365 Advanced In this course, students will learn the various collaboration tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 365 such as reusing slides, creating slides from Word, and working with Excel. ... (Read more)

    Word 365 - Intermediate Course

    This is the intermediate course in the Microsoft Word 365 series. This course expands upon the topics covered in the Word 365 Introduction course. In this course, students will work with, create, m... (Read more)

    PowerPoint 365 - Beginner Course

    In this course, students will get started with PowerPoint 365 and become familiar with the Ribbon, interface, and navigation options. Additionally, students will create a presentation and work with... (Read more)