Leading the Digital Enterprise - Beginner Course

This program is for leaders who need to figure out how to make the best use of digital technology at work. The overall goal is to: help leaders develop the ability to manage the impact of digital transformation on how they run their business, and learn practical approaches to integrating technology, people and processes to increase productivity and engagement. The program focuses on helping managers build “digital leadership capability” in terms of understanding how technology can enable the execution of your business strategy and enhance operations. In particular, managers will learn how to implement digital technology in a way that will enhance its utilization at the individual, team and organization levels. Throughout the workshop, there are interactive exercises that ask the participants to apply the concepts to their work environment. By the end of the program, the participants will have created an action plan that can be put to immediate use.


This IAAP-certified counts for 1.75 recertification points for the CAP certification under the Technology and Information Distribution content area.

Please email info@intellezy.com with proof of completion to obtain your certificate.

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Leading the Digital Enterprise - Beginner Course

Leading the Digital Enterprise - Beginner
Leading the Digital Enterprise - Beginner
Leading the Digital Enterprise - Beginner Course

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